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Oct Wednesday 28

Blogging Takes A Short Break

Due to some business and family matters and feeling a bit burnt out after publishing up to 2 posts every day (and currently missing the necessary desire to spent several hours per day analyzing and blogging alongside to trading when the market obviously refuses to co-operate – with respect to the latter of course just kidding, but the basic message is nevertheless that the market currently shows a lot of ‘outliers‘ -), TRADING THE ODDS takes a break for a couple of days (Twitter updates will probably remain unaffected).

Fortunately one of the best privileges of trading for a living (and treating blogging as a hobby, not as a business) allows for taking time off when I need it, and this is one of those times. I’ll be back early next week.


Successful trading,

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  1. enjoy your time away, you deserve it…

  2. Douglas says:

    Have a good break Frank!

  3. Jeff Pietsch says:

    I feel your pain and wish you a restful convalescence! Take care of family, they are number one! All my best, Jeff

  4. Your work is first-rate. It won’t surprise anyone that you might feel “burnt out” after working through such detailed analysis and publishing it on more than a regular basis.

    Enjoy the break. …and thanks muchly for the effort!

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