I have traded as an individual investor for more than 25 years now, trading for a living since 2007.

I take a statistical approach in combination with historical market data to profit in the US and European equity and future markets, primarily focused on calendar and intra-/inter-market spread trading in CBOE volatility index futures (VIX, VXN, RVX, VXEEM, VXEWZ) and Eurex VSTOXX futures.

Raw data is provided by MetaStock and Pinnacle Data Corp. (data courtesy), and for anything else (data import, testing, surveys and statistics) I use MATLAB from MathWorks.

Please accept my apologies for not being a native speaker, and please take respect to the fact that that blog is – and will probably be for the time being under construction. There is always room for improvement, and your suggestions are most welcome.


My email: email@tradingtheodds.com

Please note the following: I accept and display no advertising or link exchanges, and I’m not compensated for or receive benefits in any way whatsoever from anything discussed or even mentioned on the blog.


This blog is all about using the power of statistics in combination with historical market data to profit in the US and European equity and future markets. It is about trading the markets like professional card counters are playing Blackjack or expert poker players are playing Poker: The key is to have the odds on your side and bet accordingly, knowing what, when, where, why and how much you bet on each trade or wager.

Trading is a game of odds NOT certainties, and preserving your equity is vital by taking small losses when you’re wrong and increasing your stake at the right time to maximize profits. Trading is not a game of being right more often than wrong, but all about being profitable. If you are a day/swing trader and believe that trading, for all that it is a game of chance, is to the most part a game of skill, this blog may be for you.

What will be my value-add to the reader ?

Daily Commentary and timely updates

(almost) each day – shortly after the regular close of the markets – I’ll comment on interesting pattern in the market’s which might provide a tradable edge for (or over the course of) the next trading day(s), based on a historical and statistical analysis how those (seasonal, price, breadth or sentiment based) pattern played out in the past,

Trading strategies

I’ll present ideas, concepts, and might be even in-depth analysis of well-engineered algorithmic trading strategies of my own which could at least provide a basis for your own further analysis and research, or will be reassessing and refining publicly availabe strategies or those brought into discussion by you, the reader, and finally


Twitter updates

with WordPress adding the capability to bring Twitter to the blog, I’ll regularly post some intraday updates concerning if -and to what potential extend- the market may provide a tradable edge either for the ongoing or the then following session.

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