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Dow Jones Industrial – Year-End and 1st Quarter

Major market indices (S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial) are currently closing on the highest level for the year almost day-to-day. With respect to historical occurrences and respective probabilities and odds, this will probably have positive implica

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The Third Year of the Presidential Cycle

2011 will be the 3rd year of the so-called Presidential Cycle (made up of four years beginning with the year the president is inaugurated), which usually receives a good amount of publicity especially when it triggers a buy signal for the major marke

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The S&P 500 Between Now and Year-End

With Friday's triple witching, we're entering into the last couple of sessions of the running year, and the S&P 500 is already up +5.26% month-to-date, and up +11.46% year-to-date (on close of Thursday, December 16). An interesting question is

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SPX: 6 Consecutive Higher Open and Closes

On Tuesday's (December 14, 2010), the S&P 500 opened higher and closed higher 6 days in a row (in addition to the fact that the index posted its 9th higher close during the last 10 sessions, the 10th consecutive session with no intraday low less

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Looking Forward to a Strong December

December started with a bang. The S&P 500 gapped up +2.16% on the first session of the month, immediately followed by another strong up-day (S&P 500 +1.28%) for the markets, compliant to positive seasonalities like the turn-of-the-month effec

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Seasonalities: The Market’s Performance in December

As we're approaching the last month of the year, it's time to check for the market's historical performance in December (see also S&P 500: Best and Worst Performing Month since 1940), as well as the market's performance during the 1st week of Dec

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%B and (really) Overbought ?

I'm currently on a short break, therefore a brief posting only. On Thursday’s session, and utilizing Bollinger Bands %B with a 20-day SMA (Simple Moving Average) and 2 standard deviations (for a detailed explanation of the Bollinger Bands %B co